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Seed Of The Soul

Our Seed of the Soul range is designed to help ignite your own seeds of desire and embark on a journey of self-empowerment and discovery within yourself. Igniting your inner radiance of who you are and who you desire to be.


Allow your heart to open to this powerful harmonizing energy, of peace, balance and inner strength which will guide and support you through your daily life.


Wearing Seed of the Soul reminds you to nourish your soul, nurture your desires and ground your dreams into reality.

Wild Heart

Our Wild Hearts range is a tribute to the lovers and free-spirited souls of today, a tribute to the person you were born to be!! Symbolising new beginnings and soulful adventures, to guide you on a path of infinite potential.


Allowing you to ignite your purpose and passion. As you journey through life, live your Wild Heart, be Bold, Brave and Courageous. Embrace the virtues you were meant to share with the world.


Wearing Wild Heart reminds you of your courageous nature, your wild heart and free spirit.

Our Collections

Australian Label Sassy Soul Collections is a fusion of stylish soulful jewellery with deep spiritual meaning. Offering elegant and bold statement pieces.


The collection includes beautiful crystal infused rings, lava bracelets, earrings, arm cuffs, beads, mandala pendants and symbolic necklaces.


Sassy Soul jewellery is a powerful portal for self-awareness and inner wisdom to be revealed. The jewellery collection is for truth seekers with adventurous spirits who want to live and express their sassy-self by wearing high vibrational jewellery.



We love jewellery that inspires you to live your best life, helps you feel your best self and creates symbolic meaning so you can open your heart and feel your soul’s expression of YOU.


Each jewellery piece holds a frequency and vibration with a symbolic meaning. Jewellery can be worn individually as a statement piece or layered as a collection to enhance vibration and energy of the wearer.