We all have a human desire to feel purpose in our life, this expression is felt from the depths of our heart, through the whispers of our soul. 

About Sassy Soul

Created in 2019 Sassy Soul Collections was inspired to bring Sass, Style and Spirituality to modern day women desiring meaningful soulful jewellery. This deeply spiritual jewellery collection ignites a connection with the wearer’s soulful expression and hearts desires. Each highly vibrational piece of jewellery offers a portal to access deeper levels of intuition and wisdom. The collection holds the intention of empowering the wearer to access and enjoy their own stylish soulful expression. Sassy Soul has a variety of bold, elegant, stylish jewellery perfect for modern day women looking for jewellery with intent and purpose. Designed to harmonize your vibration and ignite your expression. The symbols, mandalas and crystals can be used to focus the mind while setting intentions, praying or meditating. Or simply be enjoyed for the stylish and beautiful pieces they are, weather it is giving a gift with meaning to yourself or a precious loved. Jewellery is a beautiful symbolic expression of self-love and appreciation.

Our Story

Our story began when founder and creator of Sassy Soul Collections – Mel Hutchinson was curious to explore her passion and love of spiritual jewellery and to share what felt purposeful and meaningful. In search of “something unknown“, she left the “city skyline of Sydney” and the corporate world many times over the past decade, travelling extensively throughout South America, Scandinavia, India and Bali twice. It was while travelling in India & Bali the inspiration for Sassy Soul was born and started to unravel after unexpectedly being made redundant from the Corporate World in 2019. After years of not truly “knowing “ what she really felt passionate about“ the seeking she had experienced for years gradually started to dissipate, as her inspiration began to express itself as the vision of Sassy Soul.


She eventually surrendered and allowed herself to follow the guidance of her Soul. After she had become so accustom to living life guided by signs, symbols and synchronicities. It was now time to walk her own path – with a deep desire in her heart to share the benefits and beauty of high vibrational spiritual jewellery. A range of jewellery that helps women feel and express their own unique style, inner beauty and soulful expression.

Who is Sassy Soul for?

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Anyone and everyone, from all walks of life. Yes, that means you too can benefit from adorning yourself with Sassy Soul’s high vibrational healing jewellery. From Accountants in the corporate world to engineers, entrepreneurs, yogi, spiritual seekers, surfers, artists to stay at home mums. Anyone who wants to balance their energy and vibration while being stylish, sassy and expressive!!

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Why Sassy Soul Jewellery?

Sassy Soul’s elegant, stylish and bold jewellery is created for modern day women looking for jewellery with intent and purpose. Each highly vibrational piece of jewellery offers a portal to access deep levels of self-love, intuition and wisdom. To be used during meditation, intention setting, ritual or to be worn as a constant reminder to live everyday moments with meaning

Sassy Soul’s Vision

As we evolve, we continue to seek inspiration from different cultures, traditions and the people around us to be able to offer a range of stylish, symbolic spiritual jewellery. To help people discover their unique expression by wearing high vibrational jewellery. We carry out our mission with intention and love and aspire to expand our range to soul seeker who desire meaning as much as we do.

About Our Product's

Sassy Soul Collections are hand crafted in the holly city of “Pushkar” in India. Pushkar is one of India’s most holy and ancient cities. The local Indian priests – known as    “ Holy Men “ perform regular rituals and blessing ceremonies with local businesses whereby offerings of fruit, sweets, drinks, flowers, incense and symbolic gifts are a part of the ritual. The Holy Priest blesses the jewellery/ business with good karma, loving intentions and prosperity. All whilst chanting mantras and playing instruments and using sound vibration to bless the jewellery. All jewellery is made by a local community in Pushkar, helping create a sustainable livelihood and brighter future.