We want you to look and feel amazing in our jewellery and help you keep it in great condition. Our Jewellery is made from a variety of materials such as precious stones, crystals, recycled metals,  brass and copper.


Follow the tips below to keep your jewelry looking great and to increase its longevity.

Care Tips :

  • Always remove your jewellery before swimming, bathing, doing household chores or other strenuous activities, exercising or using abrasive cleaners.
  • We recommend using a mild soap,water and a soft bristled brush (eg toothbrush), rinse clean and pat dry with a soft cloth.
  • Avoid direct contact with beauty products such as perfume, hairspray, lotions, body oils and other cosmetics while wearing your jewellery.
  • When your jewellery is not in use, we recommend storing it in an airtight plastic zip-lock bag included in the cloth bag provided with each purchase
  • Avoiding tarnishing. In addition, store your jewellery separate from each other to minimize discolouring and scratching.
  • Keep all jewellery in a secure, dry place, avoiding humid/damp, dark, dirty – these places are natural breeding grounds for mould & mildew.
  • Storing in a pouch or wrapped in soft natural fibres are also a good.

How do I clean and care for my jewellery?

Brass is a blend of copper and zinc and will naturally tarnish when exposed to oxygen. Some people like the antique tarnish look, plus it also provides a protective layer for the brass. Another natural side effect of wearing brass and natural metals is that they can change colour or leave a residue, this is because of the natural oils in your skin and oxygen in the air – which can accelerate tarnishing. If you want to slow the tarnish process, wipe the piece with a soft cotton rag after wearing and store in a plastic bag with an anti-tarnishing strip. If you want to restore the shine of the brass it’s easy to do with some common household products.


Take 2 tablespoons of baking soda and add drops of lemon juice – until you have a nice paste. The lemon juice will bubble and fizz as you add. Take an old toothbrush and apply the paste and scrub gently. Let it sit in the paste for about 30 minutes and then rinse it with water and dry it thoroughly. If the piece is heavily tarnished or the above doesn’t work, you can place the piece in vinegar and let it soak for 30-60 minutes and then scrub it with an old toothbrush. Once clean, rinse it with water. This cleaning method is more aggressive and may leave the piece looking super “clean” or “raw” looking.

Spiritual Care:

Sassy Soul Jewellery possesses tremendous spiritual properties, so we recommend you treat them as sacred treasures when you are not wearing them. You can place them in a designated “sacred space” like a home altar. Or other blessed objects, like a statue or framed picture, which will add greater healing energy to them. Adding other sacred “accessories”, like flowers, burning incense, candles or small oil lamps, also add a harmonious energetic space. When we sleep, our souls are awake and very receptive. It can be beneficial to place your jewellery on your altar close to your bed or under your pillow so it is close to you. Wearing your jewellery regularly — directly against your skin amplifies the vibration and spiritual energy. Meditating and being in contact with your jewellery daily, enhances and deepens the intimate energetic connection with your soul.