What is Energy, Frequency & Vibration?

Everything in nature has its own frequency and vibration. The universe is constantly vibrating and sending out energy frequency (vibrations we can feel). Human beings are made up of energy which can be felt through feelings and interactions with others, often having a big impact on the way we feel and how we make intuitive decisions.


For example, when you walk into a room you “feel” a good or bad vibe (vibration) from a person, place or situation. You can feel the energy straight away and sense weather it is a high or low frequency (good or bad vibe). Humans have their own unique energy field, which can be felt for example as a vibration of love, kindness or compassion. This is felt as a positive vibration and the type of energy that often inspires, uplifts and motivates others to vibrate from this same place. Creating a vibration of “like attracts like”.

What is High Vibrational “ Spiritual” Jewellery?

Jewellery made with crystals, mandalas, and sacred symbols vibrate energy and healing properties to the wearer when worn or placed on the body. Their unique healing vibration starts to resonate and realign the energy of the wearer to one of balance and harmony. Rose Quartz is known as “ The Love Stone” and offers the vibration of unconditional love, self-love, compassion, forgiveness, surrender, and an open heart. It holds a vibrational frequency and invitation to open, receive and align with love (Heart Chakra). We can feel when someone is vibrating from a heartfelt, kind, compassionate, loving place – as they emanate this frequency throughout their being.


Someone who is out of balance with this energy might be drawn to this “vibration and frequency” as a way of coming back into harmony within one’s self and life. Someone who already vibrates at this high frequency may use Rose Quartz as a way of increasing and deepening into more potent layers of love, not only for self but on a universal consciousness level. Experiencing a feeling of unity and love for all beings, life, the planet and the world we live in.

How Vibrational “Spiritual “ Jewellery Works?

Wearing high vibrational spiritual jewellery regularly helps energy start to work within your auric field, so you begin resonating at a higher vibrational frequency. Your body starts to feel, heal and transform stagnant energy, unlocking pathways to experience greater happiness, contentment and love. It can also assist with discovering your unique self-expression. The energy of the spiritual jewellery can allow you to open to receive this into your consciousness. Empowered with this insight, you can choose to make the changes and decisions that best support your life and your authentic self.


Wearing your jewellery consistently, allows you to start feeling the subtle or strong energy that is emitted through the healing properties of each piece. The crystals, mandalas’ and sacred symbols in the Jewellery designs have potent energy that can inspire and create action for change. It can be experienced in the form of body sensations, deep emotions arising for release, insights, clarity, feelings of contentment, inner peace and calm.