Healing Benefits of Spiritual Jewellery

Crystals, mandalas and sacred symbols have been used since ancient times, with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom being handed down from different cultures, traditions and generations. Whether it’s the dazzling colours, captivating beauty, shapes, patterns or spiritual meaning that entices you to Sassy Soul. Know that each piece of jewellery has its own unique frequency that works to clear blockages and release stagnate energy to allow healing to occur.


  • Raises vibrational frequency
  • Self-trust and inner guidance
  • Protection from negativity energy
  • Deepens clarity and self confidence
  • Helps open the heart to receive love
  • Creates a sense of inner peace & calm
  • Creates connection and self-expression
  • Heightens intuition and deeper wisdom
  • Effective in dissolving stress and tension
  • Feelings of being supported and protected
  • Creates a deeper connection with your soul
  • Helps open pathways for transition and change

How do I choose my Sassy Soul Jewellery?

Each jewellery piece has its own unique vibrational energy that protects the wearer from negativity, and works in a subtle way to raise frequency and balance emotions. Your intuition is the best way to choose the right jewellery piece for you. Trust yourself !!

  • What design or symbol stands out, draws you in, or are you curious about?
  • What would support your spiritual journey right now?
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